Are you a racing sailor, sailing fan, race officer, sailing manager, or coach?

The new 541GO cloud-based race management software is coming soon.
Race officers record race results with one click. Competitors get results in near-real time.
100% in the cloud so you can use any device, online, on-water, and on-shore.

Help us test the new 541GO Cloud, and shape the future of sailing race management and results.
Register as a beta tester now, and we'll activate an account for you as soon as 541GO Cloud beta is ready to test.


What's beta testing?

Beta testing is where we put a new software product out there for people to use, before it's ready for the general public. As a beta tester, your only obligation is to use the product (a little bit, or a lot - it's up to you), and give us feedback on what works, what doesn't...especially what doesn't! - and contribute your thoughts and ideas about what would make 541GO the best race management and scoring system in the world.

Why become a beta tester?

  1. You haven't found race management/scoring software that does what you need - and you have valuable ideas to share.
  2. You love the sport, and you want to help make it better for the sailing community.
  3. You want to learn something about the technology and how sailing race management is evolving.
  4. You like where 541GO seems to be heading, and you want to be a part of it.